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Christian Watson
Christian Watson

Berenshtein Subtitles English

In 2006, Deutsche Grammophon issued the album on an 86-minute Region 0 DVD (catalogue number 00440-073-4240), with 4:3 NTSC colour video and with audio in both PCM stereo and an ersatz 5.1-channel DTS upmix created by Emil Berliner Studios of Langenhagen using the company's AMSI II (Ambient Surround Imaging) technology. The DVD offers subtitles in Chinese, English, French, German, Latin and Spanish, and is accompanied by a 12-page booklet lacking texts but including notes by Wolfgang Stähr in English, French and German.[1]

Berenshtein subtitles English

Gabrielle was invited by Anne Bérubé from Autopoetic Ideas for a conference at Place des Arts here in Montreal. I had the pleasure of introducing her onstage and was fortunate enough to interview her at Sofitel hotel. This was a special interview for me because three years ago, I promised her I would share her message with the francophone community. Here is the interview with French subtitles.

One in this series on the performing arts. In this program, recorded live at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England, Leonard Bernstein conducts the London Symphony Orchestra and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus in a performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 2, "Resurrection," in five movements. The vocal soloists in the fourth and fifth movements are soprano Sheila Armstrong and mezzo-soprano Janet Baker. (The vocal portions of the fourth and fifth movements are in German, accompanied by English subtitles.) 041b061a72


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