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Christian Watson
Christian Watson

OnePlus Cardboard Extra Quality

Cardboard started almost like an inside joke when Google gave cardboard VR headsets to Google I/O attendants last year. But the concept of VR made accessible caught on, and Google announced it shipped more than 500,000 units and launched a certification program for 3rd party manufacturers. LG jumped in with a more durable version made of plastic, and a variety of cheap alternatives sprung up on Amazon and eBay offering cardboard sets for a few bucks.

OnePlus Cardboard

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It's substantial and attractively designed for something that's free and we like the solidity of the main plastic body: it will certainly last longer than something made from cardboard. The Loop VR measures 189 x 103 x 133mm and it weighs about 366g, and that's without the phone.

That said, it supports plenty of phone sizes and does so securely, it offers a modicum of adjustment for different sized heads and it looks good. The Loop VR isn't a silver bullet that will mean you don't need to look at other VR headsets for a longer-term solution, but it's a lot more attractive than a piece of cardboard.

True to its style, OnePlus will be unveiling the 2 in a VR-ready environment. If you have a Google Cardboard, or the OnePlus cardboard for that matter, you can watch the entire unveiling of the handset in VR by downloading the official OnePlus 2 launch app from the Google Play Store.

To build your own viewer all you need are a few everyday items that you can find in your garage, online or at your local hardware shop: cardboard, lenses, magnets, a hook and loop fastener and an elastic band.

OnePlus bakal meluncurkan headset Google Cardboard (kacamata kardus untuk menikmati virtual reality) yang didesain untuk OnePlus One dalam waktu dekat dan bisa diunduh lewat URL


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