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Christian Watson
Christian Watson

Resident Evil 6 Nude Mod Patch Mega

its not like it cant be fixed. oh, sure, a little tweaking will go a long way, such as letting players take control over their camera at anytime when they want to, so that they arent led to a scripted path at the feet of a cameraman and so that enemy encounters arent interrupted by random qtes that take players away from the game. but this would also mean compromising on the intense feeling of fear that the game is known for, which is a very tough spot to be in.

Resident evil 6 nude mod patch mega

besides the game actually being considerably shorter than the normal campaigns, the other major issue is the lack of any real tension. sherry wields a heavy blade, jake is loaded with guns, and the other survivors are all carrying automatic weapons. its laughable how a character like sherrys last husband, ash williams, isnt even capable of taking down two men with a pistol. its especially laughable since hes a supposedly master assassin, but in the end he throws up his hands at the last second and lets the enemy get the drop on him. even the medics arent much better, with their only kill being this mirror serpent , whom they essentially mow down with ridiculous ease. and then we have the oddity of playing as jill, whose powers seem to be comparatively weaker than any other character. going up against even one goon is enough to pull in sherrys remaining strength, while its basically impossible for her to take down more than one at a time. its a bizarre dichotomy that seems to try to make sherry likeable.

this feeling of not really being in control of the situation is compounded by the fact that sherrys limited control as we mentioned earlier. you need to perform a series of survival mode-esque tasks at your own pace to progress and unlock new weapons. however, you can only unlock certain new weapon types once youve completed a certain objective in the game. this makes the game feel repetitive and somewhat unfair once you realize how many times you have to play through the same missions over and over in order to unlock new stuff.


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